Quy Nhon University & partners introduce the Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) Programme during an interactive online webinar

On Thursday October 7, 2021 at 9.00 – 11.00 am (CET), the Connect Session with IUC QNU was organised. The objective of the connect session was i) to officially introduce the IUC Partnership, the overall goals and its 7 sub-projects, and ii) to inspire the involvement of Flemish partners and other international stakeholders in the IUC partnership.

Close to 200 guests enjoyed an introduction to the overall aims of the IUC programme and the specific objectives of each of the 7 projects. The participants included Belgian and Vietnamese academics (either already involved in the IUC or potentially interested to contribute), various stakeholders and developmental actors from both countries, representatives from both Embassies and in particular, the Rector of Quy Nhon University, Assoc. Prof. dr. DO Ngoc My who also attended this event.

To start the event, Mr. Christophe Goossens, the programme manager at VLIR-UOS presented the objectives of the Connect session and introduced his organisation as the donor of the IUC. Next, Assoc. Prof. VU Thi Ngan, the local coordinator of the IUC, presented the key challenges that the QNU and the region are facing, and how the IUC will respond to these. In a short video, these issues are summarized.

In the second part of the meeting, team leaders took turns to give a brief presentation on their projects. During short Q&A sessions per project, participants expressed their interests or asked questions about the project and their potential contribution. Afterwards, the Flemish Coordinator Prof. Kristiaan Temst moderated a general Q&A session in which the interlinkages between the different research and institutional projects, as well as transversal topics like gender, were discussed.

Finally, the event was closed with the speech of Mr. Marc Fransen, the member of the Civil society, Desk Vietnam and as such representative of the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGD).

Below are some pictures with captions, which were taken at this exciting event.

Mr. Christophe Goossens, the programme manager at VLIR-UOS, presenting the meeting objectives

Mr. Piet Wostyn, the Flemish project manager, giving welcome remarks

The Rector and QNU team during the meeting

Assof. Prof. VU Thi Ngan, the Local Coordinator, giving overview introduction on the IUC QNU programme

Prof. Patrick WILLEMS, the Flemish team leader,  giving short presentation on Project 1

Ms. PHAM Hong Nga, the lecturer at ThuyLoi University, showing her interest in Project 1

Dr. PHAN Thanh Hai, the local team leader, giving a brief presentation on Project 2

Dr. HUYNH Thi Thanh Tra, the local team leader, giving a brief presentation on Project 3

Group photos

Dr. HOANG Duc An, the local team leader, explaining the reason why Project 3 is interested in natural products

Dr. TRUONG Thi Thanh Phuong, the local team leader, giving a short presentation on Project 5

Dr. NGUYEN Van Thang, the local project manager, giving a pitch presentation on PSU

Dr. NGUYEN Thanh Binh and Dr. Pieter LERNOUT, taking turn to deliver a short presentation on Project 6

Dr. Els Van MECHELEN, the Flemish team leader, presenting the motivation of Project 7

Prof. Kristiaan Temst, the Flemish Coordinator, moderating the general Q&A session


Participants showing their interest in the IUC QNU program

Prof. Kristiaan Temst, the Flemish Coordinator, delivering the final message

Assoc. Prof. dr. VU Thi Ngan, the local coordinator, expressing her appreciation to all participants

Mr. Christophe Goossens, the programme manager at VLIR-UOS, rounding up the event

Mr. Marc Fransen, the representative of DGD, giving his speech



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